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Bagel said on: 2007-09-21 05:43 pm
4070 Days, 1 Hr, 53 Min, 59 Sec ago
any still around? i am, but i dont know if i am considerd one or not....
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2007-09-21 07:40 pm
4069 Days, 23 Hrs, 57 Min, 9 Sec ago
I tried to sign up for the beta of Nations, so I suppose that makes me an Oldbie
Wolfblack said on: 2007-09-21 07:41 pm
4069 Days, 23 Hrs, 55 Min, 36 Sec ago
if you consider being around wit Chinaman and Dynasty as al oldbie then i am o.O
Tommy_V said on: 2007-09-21 10:18 pm
4069 Days, 21 Hrs, 18 Min, 31 Sec ago
Yeah... The Dynasty, The Almighty ONES, EE, Ravens, etc. I could go on, but I'm tired.
DivineDragon said on: 2007-09-22 04:11 am
4069 Days, 15 Hrs, 25 Min, 19 Sec ago
I've been on this site for quite some time.... But my level of activity is comparable to a empty tuna can sitting on the moon.

As of late anyway...

There was a time I frequented this site, but then once Inu left.... Eh... I was no longer amused by many of the threads.
TheWhiteDemon said on: 2007-09-22 05:02 am
4069 Days, 14 Hrs, 34 Min, 49 Sec ago
DD pwns all you kids
Al_capone said on: 2007-09-22 05:28 am
4069 Days, 14 Hrs, 8 Min, 36 Sec ago
The good old times,site was so much better when i started here.Not saying the ppl are any different,its just had a number of things add up to make it less desirable.
JEBStuart said on: 2007-09-22 05:56 am
4069 Days, 13 Hrs, 40 Min, 47 Sec ago
Oct. 6th will be my 4th anniversary here. came on in '03.
Bagel said on: 2007-09-22 06:18 am
4069 Days, 13 Hrs, 18 Min, 46 Sec ago
i think i have been here since 01... not sur though.... ive sleppt since then
ChaoticLaw said on: 2007-09-22 06:18 pm
4069 Days, 1 Hr, 18 Min, 43 Sec ago
If you played pre-void you are an oldbie (I'll give it to SK too, he's a faux-oldbie =P).
Mdevilz said on: 2007-09-23 04:55 am
4068 Days, 14 Hrs, 41 Min, 46 Sec ago
*yay* i am an oldbie according to CL :)

the memories of it all twas fun :) I wish I had time to play one or two rounds again, but nope. boo school haha :)

Izembo said on: 2007-09-23 07:26 am
4068 Days, 12 Hrs, 10 Min, 49 Sec ago
i joined around the same time as CL, whenever that was :P

earlier than my join date, stupid bunch of users getting deleted that one day :(
Tooks said on: 2007-09-23 07:38 am
4068 Days, 11 Hrs, 58 Min, 56 Sec ago
I remember Dynasty and The Almighty ONES

Ugh, Deadly_ONE

I don't remember what my tag was.

I remember back before we had the news ticker and all that other new stuff

Not to mention the nukes...

Nations used to suck compared to what it is now

Izembo said on: 2007-09-23 07:47 am
4068 Days, 11 Hrs, 49 Min, 23 Sec ago
the 0 bug!
Tommy_V said on: 2007-09-23 08:16 am
4068 Days, 11 Hrs, 20 Min, 34 Sec ago
The 100+ people clans!
Al_capone said on: 2007-09-23 08:30 am
4068 Days, 11 Hrs, 6 Min, 35 Sec ago
Indeed,that was fun tommy.....we had 76,chinaman had over 100,sm was in the 50s.
Tooks said on: 2007-09-23 10:38 am
4068 Days, 8 Hrs, 58 Min, 36 Sec ago
But alot of them were multies

; ]

It was almost impossible to find out who were multies and who weren't

I miss the name change too

Tommy_V said on: 2007-09-23 10:56 am
4068 Days, 8 Hrs, 40 Min, 55 Sec ago
Hehe, yeah. Everyone with EE- and SM- in their names.
SweetYlang said on: 2007-09-23 10:57 am
4068 Days, 8 Hrs, 40 Min, 8 Sec ago
..hey Im here..too long,

heck you have to have some oddness in your life..

BEAUTY and The GEEK...!!

LIFE is GOOD!! :)
Tommy_V said on: 2007-09-23 11:48 am
4068 Days, 7 Hrs, 48 Min, 49 Sec ago
The thing is I started out playing TL before I even knew what Nations was. =)
_LoKi_ said on: 2007-09-23 05:18 pm
4068 Days, 2 Hrs, 18 Min, 24 Sec ago

do I count?

ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2007-09-23 06:29 pm
4068 Days, 1 Hr, 7 Min, 59 Sec ago
I didn't PLAY pre-void, but I was here...

Yay for faux-oldbie status
Bagel said on: 2007-09-23 07:42 pm
4067 Days, 23 Hrs, 55 Min, 6 Sec ago
let me see... i remember osakadave and crystal and ahso... wb... yeah i think that is who i knew
Shaw said on: 2007-09-23 08:28 pm
4067 Days, 23 Hrs, 8 Min, 32 Sec ago
I'm an oldbie aren't I? I was here in 2002 playing TL but I didn't feel the need to join the forum until later.
Tooks said on: 2007-09-23 09:25 pm
4067 Days, 22 Hrs, 11 Min, 47 Sec ago
Shaw, I think oldbies would have to be from before the 2000's.
Peygan999 said on: 2007-09-23 09:52 pm
4067 Days, 21 Hrs, 45 Min, 3 Sec ago
I first logged on in '01....played the s**t out of some TL, messed around in nations, but sucked.... x_x
Cronus said on: 2007-09-24 09:17 am
4067 Days, 10 Hrs, 19 Min, 19 Sec ago
Does the status oldbie even matter? There has been like 10 new players the last 2 years.
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2007-09-24 12:02 pm
4067 Days, 7 Hrs, 34 Min, 47 Sec ago
LOL @ Cronus
You pretty much nailed it there...

Anyways, the TRUE oldbies, we've been here since before the FIRST void, not the second one...
Shaw said on: 2007-09-24 12:39 pm
4067 Days, 6 Hrs, 57 Min, 23 Sec ago
Tooks whenever I have been here for ten years I'll call myself an oldbie :D
ShadowLord69 said on: 2007-09-24 12:46 pm
4067 Days, 6 Hrs, 50 Min, 46 Sec ago
lol im on the same level as shadyknight cept i had a beta acctmy bud never played and i thought nation was going to be ghey so i didnt then it turned ouut to be cool cause you could cheat :P
T3rran said on: 2007-09-24 02:23 pm
4067 Days, 5 Hrs, 14 Min, 4 Sec ago
When did I join? 2004?
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2007-09-24 03:09 pm
4067 Days, 4 Hrs, 27 Min, 25 Sec ago
I'm at 10 years next year... this month was my 9 year anniversary
Tommy_V said on: 2007-09-24 03:18 pm
4067 Days, 4 Hrs, 18 Min, 27 Sec ago
Gratz? lol.
Eliminate said on: 2007-09-24 05:02 pm
4067 Days, 2 Hrs, 34 Min, 24 Sec ago
This is my original account. I just wanted to see when I joined ^^

Vegito said on: 2007-09-24 09:15 pm
4066 Days, 22 Hrs, 21 Min, 27 Sec ago

cronus is YOU?
Tooks said on: 2007-09-24 09:25 pm
4066 Days, 22 Hrs, 11 Min, 28 Sec ago
I think I've been around for almost 6 years off and on

I wasn't here for the beta or anything though

If I was I didn't realize it.
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2007-09-25 01:08 am
4066 Days, 18 Hrs, 29 Min, 16 Sec ago
LOL! I never knew you were "Eliminate" and you only rejoined 11 days before me.
Cronus said on: 2007-09-25 06:38 am
4066 Days, 12 Hrs, 59 Min, 3 Sec ago
Yea, thats my original account lol. Oh noes the world is falling! But seriously, you never knew? Lawl